The Salt Lake City metro area has a population of well over a million people, and that just shows you how big this area is in the state of Utah. The population of the capital city itself is around 200,000, and there are over 1,100 restaurants in the area, too. Out of those 1,100 restaurants, let’s look at three of the best ones so that you know where to eat when you arrive in Salt Lake City.

Pig & A Jelly Jar is just too cute of a name to pass up. It is on East 900 South, and brunch is the name of the game. Have you ever tried coconut jam? It sounds like quite the treat, and so do the fried green tomatoes and chicken and waffles served up there. Many people say this is a great spot for breakfast, so keep that in mind without leaning only towards brunch. Some people hear brunch and discount the breakfast part, but you will enjoy a great breakfast at Pig & A Jelly Jar.

Located on West Commonwealth Avenue is a place called Pat’s Barbecue, and it is a little different it seems than the Texas and Carolina BBQ I am used to, especially since jambalaya is served. You can also order up some spicy red beans and rice along with that plate of smoked sausage, burnt ends, pulled pork and more.

You might not expect to find a place called Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery in Salt Lake City, but that’s what is going to make the restaurant a unique stop. It is located on Exchange Street, and pizza, Philly Cheesesteaks and stuffed mushrooms are just some of the favorites there. These three restaurants are just some of the favorites in Salt Lake City, so look around and have a great time.