SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski is wrapping up her first two years in office. News4Utah’s Randall Carlisle sat down with her and asked her to grade herself.


The Mayor beams when she talks about this. Back in 2016 she stood on top of police headquarters, which is covered in solar panels, and announced am ambitious joint plan with Rocky Mountain Power to help clean up the air.

She tells Carlisle that plan is long term, but will take the city out of the air pollution problem.

"We are on track to being powered by 100% renewable energy by 2032 for the entire city." She adds "this is a huge win for Salt Lake City." She’s especially proud of being co-chair of a group of 150 U.S. Mayors all working on similar goals.


What about crime? She says it’s down overall but admits there is work to do. "Our law enforcement team is working very hard to make sure that we get this right. That those who need services end up in services, and those who need to be held accountable for crimes are being held accountable."


She would love to make rent and housing available to up to 7,000 people who can’t afford to live in Salt Lake, and the City Council has just signed off on part of that, her 5 year plan.

"We have our housing plan," says Biskupski. "We have housing coming on line that’s truly affordable. wE have a strategy moving forward."


The big one that has no doubt given her sleepless nights is Operation Rio Grande, the long term plan to deal with the homeless. The state, county and city are investing millions of dollars to clean up the streets around the downtown shelter and build 3 homeless resource centers by June 2019.

Biskupski says "we are on the right path to changing how this has been evolving in our city to a whole new direction of hope and promise and real opportunity."

She denies accusation by her critics that she’s out of touch with the voters claiming she has the same margin of support as when she was elected. And she still has that Biskupski determination that she’s known for.

"You know Randall we go back a long way and you know what drives me. I came into politics to help people and that’s what I’m still doing today.


She gives herself an overall grade of A- for her first 2 years and 2 years down the road she’ll be asking voters to keep her in office.

"I know I’m running again and I’ve always said it. I want my two terms and then I’m done."

She tells Carlisle with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes. "I love my job. I love my job."

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